Dynamic HTML Reference and Software Development Kit

Bring next-generation functionality to the Web—faster and easier than ever—with the enhanced Dynamic HTML (DHTML) capabilities in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. This official reference provides definitive, A-to-Z documentation for the objects, properties, events, methods, and collections for the DHTML Object Model. You also get the MSDN™ Web Workshop—featuring essential tools, online resources, and vivid code examples—on CD-ROM, placing the power of DHTML within easy reach of your browser.

Achieve dynamic new effects on the Web with these developer-ready resources—direct from Microsoft:

• Developer-focused discussion of important new capabilities in Internet Explorer 5—including data transfer and mouse capture—that help you create dynamic user interface functionality with simpler code, less production time
• Official object model references for HTML, CSS, and CSS Positioning, plus the Default Behaviors Reference for Internet Explorer 5
• Comprehensive coverage of the Document Object Model (DOM)—the standard programming interface for XML and HTML
• Complete reference for developing HTML Components (HTC) and HTML Applications (HTA) for Internet Explorer 5
• At-a-glance information on compatibility with previous versions of Internet Explorer and platform support for each object model member
• Extensive code examples in the text that you can also view online and in action on the CD-ROMs

Yayın Tarihi: 12.05.1999
ISBN: 0735606382
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Sayfa Sayısı: 1376
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