ELT Methodology

Foreign language education has been attached great importance across the world for ages. Great efforts have been made to teach a foreign language in order that people from different nations can communicate with each other for business, education, social relations, etc. Therefore, many methods, approaches, techniques, strategies, and activities have been developed and implemented to teach a foreign language better.
At this vein, this particular book tries to shed light on the methodological aspects in foreign language education especially in teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language in Turkey. For this purpose, distinguished scholars, educators, and practitioners in this specific field have contributed to this book in different topics on (a) second and foreign language concepts, (b) designing curriculum and syllabus, (c) designing foreign language teaching skills and other language areas such as grammar, vocabulary, and translation, (d) designing materials in teaching English, (e) foreign language teaching methods, approaches, techniques, and strategies, (f) testing and evaluation, and (g) planning activities. All these topics have been supported with pretty good examples by the authors relying on their own expertise.

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