Listening Jump for Better Speaking 3 with Dictation +MP3 CD

Listening Jump for Better Speaking is an easy-to-use, three-level textbook series for elementary – pre-intermediate learners. This series is perfectly placed to provide extensive listening training through carefully graded activities on a range of common topics.

The listening material for the activities centers on original, recorded native English speaker dialogs and monologs. They simulate very real speech exchanges from daily life that students can often more readily and more naturally connect with.
• A Dictation section can be used as ready-made homework material. It provides many hours of further listening training as it recycles all the material from the earlier units.
• Twelve, topic-based, 6-page units, with opportunity for extensive listening training through over 100 real-world native-speaker audio recordings
• Easy-to-use, intensive listening-based activities that need minimal teacher preparation
• Over 100 audio tracks with native-English speaker pronunciation in graded, real-world dialogs and monologs
• Full-color illustrations to guide comprehension and anticipation of material

Unit Structure
• Target Vocabulary and Useful Expressions are explicitly introduced and carefully recycled throughout the units and Review units
• Warm-Up provides a guided and safe context for students to start to explore potentially new vocabulary
• Build-Up simulates a note-taking activity that might be typical for preparing for real-world academic listening comprehension demands
• Listening Tasks and Actual Listening contain dialogs or monologs set at a consistent, timed-speed
• Follow-up multiple choice questions prepare students for popular tests such as TOEFL or TOEIC
• A Speaking section offers an extension to monitor input-to-output English skills

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