Microsoft BackOffice Resource Kit, Second Edition

Now you can take Microsoft® BackOffice® to new heights of performance and do likewise for your professional knowledge, skills, and career. Just start applying the authoritative information and tools in this exclusive Microsoft collection. It’s the essential resource for computer professionals who aim to get the most from their enterprise systems.

Four volumes of information that BackOffice professionals rely on:

Microsoft Systems Management Server 1.2 Resource Guide

Troubleshooting jobs, remote control, and site installation and upgrade

Automating backup of the entire Systems Management Server system

Repackaging and deploying applications with Systems Management Server Installer

Using PCM service to install packages in the background

Comprehensive list of tools with parameters

Managing system flow

Deploying software with SMS

Installing and upgrading sites, servers, and clients


Microsoft SQL ServerTM 6.5 Resource Guide

Resource and deployment planning

Developing Internet business solutions with Microsoft SQL Server

Server clustering and English Query technology introduced in Microsoft SQL Server, Enterprise Edition

Migrating Oracle Applications to Microsoft SQL Server

Integrating with other BackOffice products

Yayın Tarihi: 01.04.1998
ISBN: 9781572316324
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Sayfa Sayısı: 2544
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