Bedava Kargo

Mushrabiyya And Stucco Colored Glass in The Müslim World

The book tries as much as possible to evaluate the present state of Mushrabiyya and Stucco Colored Glass sector and define future prospects for developing its economical, social and cultural aspects as well as working to highlight its relevant aspects in a way to create a real awareness of its real contribution in the field of arts and architectural advancement in the Islamic world for ages. In general, the aim of this book is to introduce better the masterpieces of Mushrabiyya and Stucco Colored Glass in the Muslim world and get them documented as well as raise an awareness for the necessity of giving more care to it and to its revival as cultural, touristic and heritage treasures.

One of the most important features the book highlights is the set of clarifications made for a better understanding of the descriptions, characteristics and the uses of Mushrabiyya, Stucco Colored Glass and Qamariyas. The book illustrates various names used in various regions from east of Arabia to its west. The book also deals with the various types of wood and their uses in Mushrabiyya works, defining their sizes, various forms, parts, heights and designs as they have appeared for various ages.

Another subject studied by the book is gypsum which is called "Shamsiyat" with reference to sunlight and Qamariyat with reference to moonlight which is called "Shamasiyat" in Morocco. The book makes a comparison between the two techniques most used in this field in the East and the West and whose influence can still be seen in the architecture of the Middle Ages and afterwards.

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