Bedava Kargo

Prospects For Development Of Traditional Crafts İn Oic Countries

This book is a review of the present state of crafts in the Muslim World. It consists of 472 pages, 235 in Arabic, 164 in English and 73 in French. The book is printed on high quality paper and contains a set of 134 colored plates of beautiful craft pieces. It presents arts of geometrical and floral decorations on the walls and roofs of architectural heritage, woodcarving, masterpieces of fabulous mosaics and tiles, the splendid shell portraits, dovetailed glass portraits, the artistic creativity in pottery and earthenware, archetype straw crafts, derivatives, artistry in textiles, perfection of carpets, etc. which all are considered distinguished products with unique features. It reflects a first evaluation of the problems and prospects of developing crafts in the Muslim World through the extensive research and study conducted on design, development of skills, quality of production, financing, marketing opportunities and national policies pertaining to customers.

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ISBN 9290632052
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Cilt Tipi Karton Kapak
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