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Running MS-DOS

After ten years and countless imitators, RUNNING MS-DOS is still the book that sets the standard for all other MS-DOS books. Van Wolverton’s down-to-earth writing style, along with hundreds of screen shots and illustrations, has made RUNNING MS-DOS the all-time best-selling guide to DOS. No other computer book has garnered such praise from readers and critics alike.
This new, tenth anniversary edition includes essential information about feature-rich MS-DOS 6.2—the newest version—without sacrificing coverage of other major versions of MS-DOS. If you’ve just bought a PC or you’ve simply upgraded to a new version, RUNNING MS-DOS should be your first source of information. RUNNING MS-DOS is really three books in one, including:
· An introduction to MS-DOS and how it interacts with you and your computer hardware
· A complete guide to understanding and using MS-DOS
· A handy command reference with definitions, examples, and tables that help you find the information you need FAST!

Discover the power and flexibility of your computer with RUNNING MS-DOS.

Yayın Tarihi
ISBN 1556156332
Baskı Sayısı 1. Baskı
Sayfa Sayısı 704
Cilt Tipi Karton Kapak
Kağıt Cinsi 1. Hm. Kağıt
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