Short Stories For Elt Classes

Short Stories in ELT Classes is a book which consists of ten widely known short stories in literature. The stories were purposefully chosen as they were suitable to enhance the critical thinking skills (comprehension, analysis, evaluation and synthesis) of students in ELT (English Language Teaching) classes. Although the main notion that the initial goal of ELT is to provide students opportunities to develop language competence, the new trends in second language teaching indicates the significance of integrating literary texts in ELT classes at colleges and universities. Literature, particularly short stories, are authentic texts that enhance students’ language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. In this book, each story was designed with –pre, while and –post reading questions and activities. While presenting universal themes such as morality, relationships, compassion, sacrifice, free will, equality, charity, maturity and experience, the stories in Short Stories in ELT Classes aims at providing
educators and teachers materials and texts to increase students’ awareness with class discussions and debates.

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