Bedava Kargo

Social Sciences Management, Marketing, Accounting-Finance and Economics

Chapter 1
An Application of Customer Profitability Analysis in A Manufacturing Company
Chapter 2
Regional and Occupational Differences in The Gender Pay Gap: Evidence from The Turkish Labor Market
Chapter 3
A Research for Relationship between Big Five Personality Traits and Organizational Citizenship
Chapter 4
Examining The Employees’ Talent Management, Employer Brand and Corporate Image Perceptions in Terms of Some Socio-Demographic Variables
Chapter 5
The Effect of Religious Belief Orientation on Halal Certified Product Purchase Preferences
Chapter 6
The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intention with Organizational Justice: A Sample of State University
Chapter 7
The Mediating Role Of Power Distance In The Influence Of Organizational Culture Types On Organizational Silence
Chapter 8
The Effect of The Service Quality Perception on The Recommendation Behavior of The Guests in Hotel Operations
Chapter 9
After Entrepreneurship Training, The Difference Between Entrepreneurship Intention Levels Of Y And Z Generation: Kahta Vocational School Example
Chapter 10
The Assessment of Risks and Control Activities Depend on Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control System in A Manufacturing Company
Chapter 11
The Mediating Role of Leader-Member Exchange in The Effect of  Transformational Leadership on Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction
Chapter 12
The Effects of Interpersonal Conflict Management Approaches on Job Satisfaction, Career Satisfaction, Job Performance and Intention to Leave
Chapter 13
Management and Leadership Approaches Within the Media Ecology
Chapter 14
A Research About the Effect of Selected Macroeconomic Factors on Share Prices: Analysis of Turkey Between 2008 and 2016

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