The Education Of Privacy For Children

It is seen that behind the psychological problems in adulthood, there lies educational errors.
The aim of education is the wellbeing of a child. However, the education given to the child should be appropriate to the emotional development of the child.
Every child is special and each child’s emotional development is unique to that child.
The strongest part of the emotional education is the privacy education.

Since children learn how to live from their parents, how should parents give their children a sexual education appropriate to their age? Should it be given as it is done in the classical education by gathering all children together without minding the individual differences? Or should this education be one to one as it involves the most private emotions of the child?
Can children be protected from sexual abuse by telling them “Do not ever get close to anyone who wants to give you candies!” or should they develop a “Basic Reflex Response” to protect themselves from the dangers of the external world?
What are the differences between sexual education and privacy education?

In this book, Pedagogue Dr. Güneş answers these questions that are of critical concern to the emotional developments of children.

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